More granular (daily, weekly) data limits or alerts

Would it be possible to add more granular data limits for a specific SIM?

I’ve got a laptop with LTE and I’d like to keep it always on, however there’s a risk that it accidentally switches without me noticing (Wi-FI drops out, etc) and given it’s a work laptop there’s potential to burn through a lot of data very quickly.

I’d like to have some kind of alert or limit to prevent it from burning through the entire data allowance on the account.

There is an alert when there’s a big spike in use are you are likely to run out of data. Agree a smaller more granular SIM limit would help to prevent running out of data too quickly unexpectedly.

You can setup webhooks via the API, and when freezing sims from the API comes, you could also switch it off when it hits an amount.

You can also put a data limit in windows settings.

But also would be nice to have within the webapp, the above is just for now.


I know this will be known to most of you reading this, but in case anyone is unaware there you can now get text notifications when data use hits a range of levels (you select which one you want) from within the web app.

If anyone needs any guidance on how to use this please let me know.

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