No mobile data while on a call

Just been on a call and was hoping to get some mobile data to check some things. Wasn’t getting any data at all. I’ve got a fast enough 4G signal, though of course there’s no 4G calling.

Isn’t this pretty standard? I don’t get mobile data while calling even on O2

Seems I was in an area with no 3G. A bit further away and I was getting the 3G. I’ve had mobile data while on a call in the past though needs to be 3G or 2G.

Does Zevvle have 2G for data?

Yep; my calls always drop data down to 3 or 2G…

We do :slight_smile:


Data while on call is available while on 3G or 4G (or 5G).
Zevvle does not support 4G Calling, therefore data should be available when on 3G and while on call.

2G does not support data while on call in the UK. It would require a second antenna and modem in the device and the network to support it too.


I wasn’t aware that 2G didn’t support data while on a call. 2G is too slow in most cases for modern web pages etc. I suspect I was in a 3G not spot at the time.

Hopefully 4G calling becomes more common on MVNOs soon.