Non-geographic numbers

Hello, happy Monday!

We’ve just switched on non-geographic numbers (those ones starting 0845, 0844, 0870, 09xx, 118, etc.).

You can enable them in-app under your SIM settings (Account Tab -> tap on a SIM card -> Settings). You’ll need a minimum £5 cash balance to switch them on.

The numbers are made up of a service charge set by the organisation you’re calling and an access charge of 5p/min set by us.

The reason for not enabling them until now is because we don’t get the official charges for these numbers for several days by which point it might be too late, i.e. potential bill-shock, which we want to avoid.

Now, we’ve added the 12,000+ number variants and 100 charge bands into our billing system so we can calculate what they cost immediately, and you’ll see the cost in-app within a few minutes like every other call.

And because we know what they cost, we’ve made a handy search/calculator:

Note: we don’t (yet?) validate the number you search for, so whether it actually exists is TBC. :man_shrugging:

Nerd alert

You can search for these numbers via our API as well:{ number to search for }. You don’t need to be authenticated, and I’ll add that to our documentation shortly…

If we find Vodafone using this for their billing I’m going to be mad.

Updated Terms & Conditions

Finally, we’ve updated our Ts&Cs mentioning that you’ll need a £5 cash balance to enable non-geographic numbers, as well as clarifying what happens when you run out of data, go into a negative balance or run out of credit on one of our older pay-as-you-go plans.

In short, if you run out of data we turn the data off — you’ll be notified before that happens, and you can avoid that completely by selecting an automatic add-on (or auto top-up if you’re on pay-as-you-go). If you have unlimited calls & texts, you can still use those.

The updated version 1.2 terms are here.

Have a great week,

Nick :cloud_with_rain:


Please tell me there’s a central source for all that data and you didn’t have to put it together yourself!

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BT got us covered :pray:

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I like the pricing calculator!

Not that it’s hugely important, but the actual calculator is a bit weird:

Because my arithmetics skills are atrocious I wanted to confirm that I had understood this incredibly complex pricing model correctly:

Given the placeholder says “11 minutes” I assumed that if I wanted to know the price per minute I’d enter “1”:

Scratch head. Hm. It’s late (not really). Let me try for 10 minutes - even I can divide by 10 without a calculator

I genuinely only now realised that I’d probably need to add a unit to the number. (I’ll spare you the screenshot.)

Anyway, long story short, might be good to make the default unit, and the placeholder unit the same…


You’re right they should be the same; I’ve just changed it — the default is now minutes! Thanks for pointing that out. :blush:

Agreed on it being needlessly complicated; ideally these numbers wouldn’t even exist, but in some cases they are useful…

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What about VoIP providers?
Port5060 have 0.9p or 0.59p +VAT per min access charge depending on the number called.
A&A is 2p inc VAT per min access charge.

Good to hear you’ve set a low access charge. Luckily I rarely need to use non-geographic number now that they are now normally 03 numbers.


We now know better! Updated it, thank you. :slight_smile:


I suppose you could have said something along the lines of compared to any mainstream telecoms provider, or among the cheapest of all known telecoms providers.


That GIF


That whole website (and all-caps HTML tags) smells like something out of MS FrontPage…


Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.
At least the BT SINs have mildly better formatting (