PAC Unfinished

Hey all,

I PAC’d a number out of my Zevvle account on Friday, I’m stuck in this weird limbo stage where my number works on the other network, everything is all fine on that side (From what I can see) but Zevvle SIM is still working… like nothing has happened - when I dial out my number still displays but if anyone calls or SMS’ me from EE only my Zevvle SIM gets the notification.

I have currently set a forward from the should-be-dead Zevvle SIM to a 3rd number so I can receive the calls…

Anyone have any ideas how I can make some forced nudge, or reset on the EE side that I can try myself - will be contacting @SibelRawahy after the bank holiday.

Thanks all


It’s called a split port, as far as I know you’ll have to contact someone, it won’t sort itself, I would contact the new provider, I assume both sides can help but the gaining provider will normally be happier to help.

Although you can try turning both phones off and on to kick start something (airplane mode isn’t good enough usually)


:pensive: i’ve been turning my phone on and off every couple of hours, i’ll contact both sibel and new provider, thanks for the feedback will google more about split port


Split port it was, thanks for the education, sorted now time needed to pass.
Never experienced before :sweat_smile:

Any idea why it happens?

I’m not sure really, it seems complex, with porting each company needs to keep a record of where each phone number is currently, and I’m just guessing here, that the ‘routers’ that direct calls still had the address for the number cached as your zevvle SIM probably because of some bug and maybe error/integrity checking of the database is only run every day or so?

Also zevvle isn’t directly on EE they buy via an ‘enabler’ kind of like a wholesaler, so potentially there’s an extra system in the porting process so an extra chance for issues and delays.

Did you test from a native EE SIM or another zevvle one out of interest?

Hi @Nathan I have direct messaged you to assist with this.