Payment Methods

So what payment methods as far as cards go are accepted by Zevvle?

I’m imaging it’s just MC/Visa and not Amex/Discover/Diner’s Club Intl/Insert Method (PayPal etc?) right?

Do you guys check BIN to limit people from other countries signing up, or not?


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We use Stripe for payment processing and they accept Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

Nope, we do not. We don’t actually see your card details at all; they go straight to Stripe. :slight_smile:


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Would you be able to give me an insight of the price difference you get charged between Amex and MC/Visa?

Obviously I don’t intend to start using my Amex until you guys are financially doing well :joy: I need you guys to expand, remember!

Also, do you think you could implement Apple Pay/Google Pay for iOS? (For Top-Ups)

Edit: Also would you guys be opposed to opening something like a Discord server, where we’d be able to interact in real-time in a less formal forum-rule bound way? :wink: Might be a way of leaking some details to a smaller amount of people about incoming Zevvle features to gauge community interest.

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As per Stripe’s website, 1.4% + 20p for EU cards, 2.9% + 20p for non-EU (we’re not “Enterprise” yet… :sweat_smile:).

Assuming you signed up with Apple Pay, we use that same payment method for one-off top-ups; the same way the monthly or auto top-ups work. Unless you mean something else…?

Possibly (probably?) at some point, but what we’ve got at the moment is enough to keep track of already; we’ve got R&D to fit in as well. :wink:


Is there any reason why you don’t want people paying with American Express, then?

Literally the same prices!

Do you think it might be worth investing in DD’s/SEPA DD as it seems to be cheaper (assuming the adoption was correct and you didn’t get a large amount of DD Guarantee claims?)

Right you are, that’s my mistake! Had it in my mind they classed Amex as non-EU… :thinking:

At some point probably, but I can’t see us doing it for the time-being.

Don’t suppose if I drop you a DM in-app you’d swap me over to Amex details? :wink: since it isn’t costing you extra

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Of course, I’ll take care of that tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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So to keep costs down for Zevvle it’s best to topup in in larger amounts. As @nick has said elsewhere, it’s easy enough to get a refund of extra topups that are unused.

I think it’s the native Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations that’s available in Stripe.

I’m not seeing anything in my Google Pay payment list within the Google Pay app, so all I can assume is that the payment wasn’t setup through Google Pay. I’ve not got an iOS device to test Apple Pay there.

These methods mean that end users don’t need to enter their card details when setting up an account, instead just using the authentication on the phone, so can reduce friction when setting up new payments.


Yep. I’m unlikely to fetch my card for you but if there’s an Apple Pay button and you’re fine with prepaid or Amex then I’m all in :slight_smile:

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Google Pay is en route, it wasn’t quite as straightforward as Apple Pay so it didn’t make launch…


Is there any reason why you can’t change your payment method in the app btw? Just focused on launch in the beginning or an actual reason?

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This :slight_smile: also, we’re going to implement PIN/Touch ID auth beforehand…


What’s the worst thing someone is going to do, change my Zevvle account to using their card number? I’m happy if someone else pays for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s the risk you’re trying to protect against here besides monkeys screaming about “security” while reusing the same bad password everywhere? :roll_eyes:


To be fair I do this because you literally can’t have a secure password with RBS/TSB etc. their complexity requirements are like 6-15 characters with no special characters.

On top of that they have 3-4 domains so your password manager isn’t viable.

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My password manager (1Password) now supports adding additional domains to a single password login which helps with this.


I’d just like to mention very impressed with Zevvle CS despite it just being Nick and his brother :+1: he’s been happy to talk to me for considerable lengths of time in which I’ve asked questions about both the technology behind Zevvle and actual CS related things such as asking him to change my card

He’s responded very quickly even at stupid o’clock and hasn’t let me down yet :ok_hand:

Keep going like this @nick and you’ve got a winner


I totally agree that @nick has been wonderful with the customer support. I hope he doesn’t burn out and ensures he’s got enough leisure or family time.


Compared to your phone, email or physical address, adding this for CC details definitely doesn’t make as much sense. To answer your questions and to be honest with you, I don’t know, but that’s kind of the point – we don’t (yet) spend all day researching the elaborate schemes people use for fraud. I’d rather err on the side of caution, especially if the inconvenience is small.*

The best I’ve come up with is someone gets your phone, updates the account with stolen card details, tops up £100 a couple of times and spends it on anything. Isn’t that far-fetched? Hopefully, but every hack is a fairytale until you lose someone’s money and have to write an apologetic post-mortem.

It was only recently a network was caught storing customers’ passwords in plaintext, so the more we can show people – especially new customers – that we’re serious and don’t screw around, the better. :slight_smile:

*Assuming you’ve got fingerprint/Touch/Face ID, it’ll maybe add a second to the process.

Thank you both :pray: Excuse the delayed response – family time & a bike ride. :wink:

We’re only just getting started, and I can’t wait for the journey we’ve got ahead; it means a lot that you’ve taken a chance with us.