Pick Your Own Number

(Simon) #1

This was something dot mobile did a long time back.
You could either offer it free or as a chargeable service.
Basically you could pick your number. (Last 6 digits)
You’d put a number into a search box and it would show you that number or if taken a similar number.
It could be an offer for the first people to take a sim.
The thing you would need to prevent though is people getting a sim to sell the number.
For me it’s more having an easy to remember number.

(Alex Barrett) #2

Would love something like this, as a business user the ability to get something remotely like my office line would be of huge interest and I’d imagine others would be the same.

Perhaps to stop people abusing it a “secured” number would have to be tied to a specific persons account, non transferrable SIMs or something along those or make it harder to change the address/billing details on those accounts etc?

(Simon) #3

That could work, wouldn’t want it to ever prevent you changing network though if not happy etc.
I’ve had mine now since 2005

(Alex Barrett) #4

Yes I was just thinking of something along the lines of having to get in touch with Zevvle through customer services on an account with a selected number that way they could be sure that Mr XYZ of London wasn’t flogging the number on eBay and transferring the billing details and registered info to a Mrs ABY of Bristol etc.
Not physically making the system stop it, just make sure it’s a sanity check by Customer Services to make sure that number was still owned by the same person.

(Nick Goodall) #5

This is something we could absolutely do, although it wouldn’t be a perfect solution. Our SIMs come with predefined numbers from the host network, so you’d be choosing one of those. Luck of the draw as to whether we get any memorable/‘premium’ ones, though…

(Simon) #6

Ah ok. I think dot mobile was similar.
The website where you picked your number could be refreshed and it would give you a new selection (not sure if this was intended).
Guess they might keep premium for themselves, although as above a number close to a home or business number might not be premium in the sense of 123456, more just the same last 6 numbers.
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(Nick Goodall) #7

Hmm okay, wondering how we would manage this. Don’t want to show every number we have available, so maybe a few random ones and then you could search by the last 6 digits and show the ‘closest.’ I’ll try to get this in for launch, would be a neat feature. :slight_smile:

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(Simon) #8

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(Andre Borie) #9

Most of the telecom providers I use allow me to pick and search for numbers no questions asked, and nothing prevents me from renting 1000 of them at once if I want to.

I don’t think there’s any point in trying to prevent “abuse”, just charge fairly for the numbers (first number is free, additional ones are at 1£/month) and that’s it. Why should it even be considered “abuse” if any particular number is worth more that that price to some people and they wish to trade? A grey market will always exist whether you like it or not, but at least you can make it safer & better for everyone by having an official way of transferring numbers between accounts (via the API, etc).