Police call for ban on anonymous pay-as-you-go phones

The police are calling for personal details to be required to get a pay as you go phone due to drug dealers switching phone very quickly and making it hard to do the country lines exploitation.

Article highlights that it could just switch the drug dealers to VoIP based services instead such as what’s app.

With Zevvle being online only and only being able to be paid by bank card and not with cash there is already a financial link.

A more radical approach could be to legalise some drugs as done in other countries, which would also stop the problems of people using cannabis for medical purposes from being prosecuted.


So now you just need to use a fake ID to get a SIM? Or a VoIP account paid by stolen credit card?

There are so many real problems out there like fraudsters conning people out of their savings or call & SMS spam but of course this is what they’re focusing on. It makes me mad that my taxes are funding this stupidity.


Just don’t pay taxes, ez

Pls don’t remind me of the blood boiling things that our tax funded governmental agencies or government themselves have said though

Amber Rudd accusing Facebook and Google of sneering at her because encryption backdoors suck, being one of my favorites that make me want to offshore every penny I’m not spending in the U.K.

Government need to consult via experts in each industry or they need to give the tax dollars to conduct independent reviews of stupid policy ideas

There’s a few things that fall out of this statement.

Before I get onto those, let’s take a step back. I think The Grauniad is jumping ahead. As I understand it, police have Identified an issue and have called for a review.

Further, in the 13 or so orders that Bedfordshire Police have used to close down so-called County Lines, they’ve seen new deal lines set up within an hour or two.

Of course, this paper in particular (and the printed media in general) knows that denigrating the police sells more papers. It’s the old adage of why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Ok, back to your statement.

Other countries have legalised some drugs. I have mixed feelings on this, there are pros and cons. And I don’t think that legalisation in other countries has necessarily solved problems. The main attraction for governments is they can legislate for taxation on something that is currently out of their reach.

As for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, the justifications for that made in this country are largely anecdotal and tend to be proposed most enthusiastically by users of illegal substances. Furthermore, it’s a difference between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the active ingredient that gives the high or cannabidiol (CBD) which is the ingredient useful to medicinal uses.

Whatever the answer is, I’m not convinced the legalisation of prohibited substances is the answer and nor is the requirement for ID when buying a SIM card. In the case of the latter, law-abiding people will be inconvenienced and criminals will adopt a new strategy that will make them likely even more difficult to detect.


None of these things are ever simple. The media are too good at oversimplifying things, though as time goes on things get ever more complex, and need to be simplified into lay terms for the average person to be able to understand.

There’s a difference between simplifying things and misrepresenting things.

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People can also seek treatment without fear of arrest + they can also get things like clean needles which would help curb disease and subsequently free up some NHS long-term care to treat things like HIV

Your assertion is misinformed and plain wrong.

Drug users do not get arrested when they seek help. There’s already a public health approach to drug use and clean needles have been provided for years.

Are you capable of verifying that? I’m sure there’s been someone trying to get help that has been arrested before in this country under the current set of laws

I find it incredibly unlikely that drugs which carry criminal records with them would be ignored by police

Wasn’t aware of this, but glad to know it’s provided for them

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Yes. I speak with some experience on this subject.

This is supposition on your part. Personal thoughts not backed by evidence.

It all depends upon the circumstances. Like I say, drug users seeking help will receive help. A public health approach is taken. There are strict rules regarding the exchange of information between public bodies such as NHS, GPs and Police.

We’ve gone somewhat off the original topic now.

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Use good old fashioned police work to arrest and prosecute the ring leaders instead of arresting low level dealers once a month and posting a picture on twitter.

It’s literally treating a symptom not the problem.

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Might’ve been easier to do this before losing 22,000 police officers and 20,000 civilian staff.