Porting functionality needs some love

So I’ve noticed a few things in the porting functionality that require some attention (and love?).

In the porting pop up there are fields to input the PAC, phone number and preferred date of porting:

  • After submitting the request the pop up loads forever, even though the port has begun. Refreshing the page will show that switching is in progress and the pop shows the usual pending/validated/completed.
  • The porting/swithing pop up with the form will always need to be scrolled through to see all the fields/infromation even on a large monitor.
  • The porting/switching pop up while the switching is in progress can be scrolled, but all the infromation is visible.
  • When the switching is in progress the date displayed is incorrect. The day and month are correct, but the year is stuck at 2020 (perhaps hardcoded).

The porting however will work on the day selected, so everything seems to be visual issues that could be fixed with a bit of coding.

The notifications display incorrect dates.

  • A past port notification that was already completed will display “Your phone number will switch in x months”. The number of the months is the difference of the time of the noitification and the current date. This is incorrect as that port has already completed in the past. Perhaps, someone could say that it was valid at the time, however, that would be the case only if the time different was based on the notification time and the requested porting date.
  • “Your phone number will switch in less than a minute” for a new porting request, even though this will not happen until the requested date.

Another thing I noticed is that the STAC option is missing. So if a customer wants to port without keeping their number, they simply cannot. The only option is to port and bring over a number. This of course creates friction and makes things harder for people that are coming from contracts or PAYG and they do not want to keep their phone numbers. For contacts they usually have to give 30 days notice (incurring an additional 30 days of charges), and for PAYG they have to let the number expire, which will take several months.


Thanks for this thoughtful and helpful post @LegendaryAced it’s appreciated. We are going to get on the case with these corrections and suggestions, this week.