Question about multi-sim

HI, I have found this operator yesterday while I was looking about ee network operators.
I like the whole Idea what are u trying to do. From the site I saw some interesting pics of the app and u mention somewhere that someone can order up2 5 sims. THough I can’t understand if those seems will share the bundle data (and/or minutes) and how the whole thing works. Also, can u disable the sim and enable it at some point later? My use case would be mainly data on vacation. Could I get the 60GB for EU roaming, spend them for a couple months and then disable it? Maybe until next year or sth?

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Hi Dimitris!

The pricing is per-SIM at the moment; we’re looking into account-wide plans in the future

We’re having that ready for the end of the month (May 2020) — if you need it earlier we can do it manually for you! Yes, in short.

Yes, that would be fine :slight_smile:


Also any chance I can order a sim and choose pack later? I know I need to have wifi etc but I want to have the sim beforehand and maybe use it on August or sth.
Also, as far as I can understand u do get specific packs. Any chance for unlimited data later etc? Right now I think your prices are a bit over the prices of payg and flex someone can get from ee directly. I assume the difference between wholesale and sell price pays your salaries :). But how are u going to compete EE with higher prices? For example sharing data between multiple sims and/or numbers(like family plans) could be a good feature to compete. But so far the main advantage I can see that u have is the no fair use policy for roaming. Having said that I hope that u succeed. I like the spirit of what I read

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I’m afraid not, you can set a reminder on our homepage though ( if you scroll down and enter your contract end date! Or any date, really…

Not just yet.

Besides the cost of data, we try to offer a better product & service, like making multi-SIM management really easy. We do plan to offer data shared across SIMs; the current setup is good I think, but we can do better. Looking on EE’s website, the smallest SIM-only plan they do is 50GB. I know we offer the 60 GB plan, but we’re not in the same category as them — why pay for 50 if you only need 1 or 3, etc.?

Thank you! Trying to keep it real :grin:



I don’t know where u looked, but their flex plans as of now are
10 - 6gb
15 - 15gb
25 - 30gb
30 - 60gb (all of those for the first 6 months and then 1/3 of data)

10 - 4gb
15 - 8gb
20 - 15gb
25 - 30gb
30 - 60gb

Keep it real though. Will keep looking for features.

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