Receiving your SIM


As some of you are getting SIMs today, a couple of notes:

The network name

We’re having some trouble with the network name (‘Zevvle’) appearing on some handsets, instead showing ‘EE’. They (EE) are on the case, and we’ll hopefully have an answer soon.

Envelope seals

Royal mail don’t seem to like our packaging, so you might find a red mark on the back where this should have been:

Sorry about that – we were very excited about those stamps. :disappointed:

If we can do anything else let us know,



Aw man, that seal looks absolutely awesome! Shame Royal Mail have ruined them as they’ve gone through the system!

The network name issue cleared for me after restarting the phone multiple times.

Interesting. I’ve rebooted mine a few times and in several different phones and I’m still getting EE/T-Mobile so far!

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iOS or Android? I was talking about iOS.

Not me :frowning: I ordered Saturday night/Sunday morning

We definitely sent yours yesterday; can you keep me posted if it doesn’t show up? :grimacing:

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I’m on iOS too (mostly)!

can’t wait to receive mine!

Got mine and activated it. Only part of the seal was there with a part of the flap below the crease loose open.

My android phone connected to the network fine, even allowed me to swap the SIM without the phone restarting. The operator showed as EE.

Is there a limit to the number of auto top-ups that can happen?

I’ve put my old SIM back in until I’m closer to the end of the billing month and will then port it over. No point paying for the month and not using most of it.

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Hmm, thank you for sharing – we’ll try to pack it better.

Once per day maximum. It’s on our very-short-term list to better secure top-ups & account details (a PIN, Touch ID, etc.) to prevent the worst happening. Also, if you do happen to top-up too much, let us know and we’ll refund it.

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So let’s imagine I run out of credit and it tops up automatically for 20£, and then I manage to run out of that as well on the same day - will it not top-up again and leave me stranded without a working network connection?


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Somewhere on the forum the plan was that the Zevvle domain will eventually be permanently whitelisted, so you can access it for free, even if you have no credit left.

That would presumably also allow you to top up manually

For now I think this is the safest option, and we’ve set a notification for if/when that happens so you can do it manually. Bear in mind this isn’t final; we’ll probably do an override so you can ‘reset’ it (i.e., it’ll automatically top-up again) when we’ve increased the in-app security (before July).

That’s certainly the end goal, but it’s some way off at the moment. :slight_smile:


Good news. SIM showed up minus seal.

On the call settings page none of the tabs (voicemail, call waiting etc) will stay in the off position - is this supposed to happen? BTW the SIM is not in the phone with the app.

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Good news! Except the seal…

That was a bug; just pushed a fix – if you hard close and open the app it should be working (of course let me know if it doesn’t). Thank you for mentioning it! Also, the SIM settings don’t update immediately, hopefully that’s clear in-app.

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I’m now seeing the “Zevvle” network name instead of “EE” or “EE|Zevvle”. :slightly_smiling_face:


I started getting Zevvle on my iPhone SE and a NETGEAR AirCard but my other devices (iPad mini 2, NETGEAR NightHawk and Wileyfox Swift 2) all still say EE at the moment.

Have you tried starting or reconnecting to the network?