Replying to shortcodes

This is something I’ve asked directly over in-app support, but I think it’s worth a public ideas post :smile_cat:

I sometimes get marketing SMS messages from companies that I’ve signed up to (e.g. Next, or my opticians). They’re legit, but I don’t want the marketing, so I’d like to be able to opt out.

Usually, that’s done by messaging “STOP” to (e.g.) 81234. However, I can’t do that on Zevvle! I have to phone them up and ask them to remove my number :scream_cat: Or block them at the Messaging app level, but I’d rather stop the problem at source than do that, by opting out entirely.

So, my feature request is - support sending SMS to shortcode numbers :smile_cat:

Can confirm this is in the works… no timeline though I’m afraid. It’s not a setting we have available, so BT are working on it!