Roaming is for roaming


Here’s the last blog post from me in 2019. If you’re travelling during the next week, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip!



I don’t suppose you guys know if we’ll retain roaming in the EU post withdrawal of European Union membership? i.e have there been anything communicated to you about roaming rates from your enabler or EE directly?

Cheers for the insightful post @tim, it’s stupid that the legislation doesn’t make EU-EU calls priced at domestic levels though tbh


We’ve been told verbally that nothing will change after leaving the EU. In reality no-one is 100% sure what will happen, which is probably why we’ve only had it verbally.

Thanks @Recchan!

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All the above are free and end-to-end encrypted meaning no-one can read your messages

It would not surprise me in the slightest to learn that WhatsApp has a backdoor for Facebook and any government that asks to bypass the E2EE.

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Apologies for jumping onto an older thread, but should I assume that the fair use data cap from EE is applicable to Zevvle roamers in the EU as well please?

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We don’t have a fair usage cap; in the EU you can use your full data allowance.

P.S. thank you for joining :slight_smile:

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