Saturday, February 8th — SIM pausing & failed payment notifications


A few updates… firstly, you can now deactivate & reactivate SIMs in-app:

Reactivating during the current billing cycle is free of charge, otherwise we’ll pro-rate the monthly price of the SIM (if there is one). There’s a prompt for this before the SIM actually deactivates.

Secondly, you may have noticed it looks a little different; we’ve brought the rest of the app inline with the account screen. If there’s anything you don’t like please let us know, and for SIMs on the new pricing there’s a button/badge on the SIM screen which will give you more details).

Finally, we’ll now notify you for failed monthly payments*:


*It might not be 3 days — Stripe (our payment processor) determine the retry schedule.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Nick :slight_smile:


I like the new look but it appears to have broken the Usage screen. The drop down has disappeared but I’ve just discovered that if I tap randomly under the ‘notch’ on my phone the menu will come up 50% of the time.

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Sent you a message :slight_smile:

Edit: fixed!

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