Saturday, October 10th — app version 1.2.2


We’ve just released version 1.2.2 of the app:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


Apple approved it in 2 hours which was nicely surprising! It normally takes a day or 2…

It’s a small release*, although we’ve:

  • Added back the monthly top-up and auto top-up options for all accounts on the Billing screen, now that PAYG calls & texts are a thing again.
  • Updated referral/free data links — we’re now doing them from a new domain ({ referral_id }) that goes via our server instead of a static site so we can personalise it slightly. The old links ({ referral_id }) will redirect there.
  • Fixed at least 5 bugs (we’ll work on tracking them better to include them in updates like this).

*We only updated the patch version (1.2.1 :arrow_right: 1.2.2), whereas in hindsight probably should have been a minor version change to 1.3.0. Un-semantic versioning on our part… :flushed:

Also, part of the reason is to make sure the bundled code is the latest (currently the shared data plans). One of the downsides to over-the-air updates can be when somebody new installs the app — it has older code, and if the connection is slow when they open it the app will be out-of-date. This is especially a problem if we change the signup flow like we did last week.

We’re going to keep up a more regular cadence of app store releases for the above reason. Also, the longer we leave it the more issues that tend to crop up. Spending a day debugging app builds isn’t fun and feels like a waste of time…

Have a great weekend :sunglasses:


P.S. Thank you for the lovely reviews :heart:


More gradients? More gradients.


Oh 100%. That’s a slight side-effect though — we use the same components there as for the SIM ordering page, and I wanted it consistent with the website. We’re working on a few navigation improvements so will make that and other things look a little spicier.


Is the latest version out of date? The app seems to think so.

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Fixed! It should show when you reload, sorry about that. :unamused:

:tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball::clinking_glasses: :partying_face:

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I’ve just updated and noticed it’s decently laggy on my Xiaomi Mi A1 compared to a 2019 version (this is the first time I updated Zevvle :sweat_smile:)
I wonder if something about how the graphics are rendered has changed? It can be a good 2-3 second delay from clicking to action :confused:

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Thank you Rosie, will look into this. Is it just on the account tab, or everywhere?

Hi Nick,

It’s quite random it seems…
Another thing I noticed: When clicking on the “Total Calls” with someone it’s only going a week or to back?

The design is amazing though :slight_smile:


That’s actually reassuring! I’ll find out what’s causing it and get it fixed.

EDIT: I found the cause, but it’ll require a new app released to the store(s); I’d like to get 1.3.0 out this week, but depending on review times we can’t guarantee it…

Hmm, that should load everything when you scroll to the bottom — will look into why it isn’t…

Thank you! I hope you’re doing well :pray: