Saturday, September 28th

Our website was due an update, so I got that done over the last few days.

Most changes are on the homepage, making it clearer what we do, adding a usage/comparison calculator, dialling back the bright red and adding a few testimonials (thank you :pray:).

And finally we got rid of the international & roaming bloat, so the pricing page is much cleaner with a little app.

Now back to the mobile app & network updates!

P.S. If you haven’t seen it already, Citizens Advice created a report earlier this year on SIM-only customers overpaying by a lot.


After some changes in energy, a wider approach for all utilities is an obvious next move. I just wonder how high up it is on most people’s horizons!

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I’ve noticed a few of the smaller newer energy providers only have a single tariff for everyone this making it simpler and no need to change fixed price tariff every up to 2 years or so, thus less effort required. This approach feels like the Zevvle way of doing things.


Small error here on mobile @nick (iPhone XR iPhone 13.1)

First two characters on the pricing page are capitalized for some reason, so if I were to type in United States it’d come up as UNited States

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Thank you! Will look into that :slight_smile:

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Turns out that’s a bug on iOS with the autocapitalize attribute on input fields; have removed it now. :slight_smile:


Cheers for the quick minor bug fix