Short Numbers

Can’t we text to short numbers (eg 87007)??? I can’t from my Zevvle number.
If, I’m wrong, then my apologies, if I’m right to think we can’t, then this is totally unacceptable! I’m getting spammed and I can’t stop the messages because for some reasons, I can’t text STOP to 87007 and therefore am condemned to the spam!

I’m afraid not; they’re switched off at EE’s level for all MVNO’s under our supplier (incl. Plusnet). Besides, as we’re pre-pay/PAYG we couldn’t enable them anyway because the charges can be ridiculous.

The best I can suggest is to block the number in your phone settings… :confused:

Hi Nick, just wondering if there is a way to block all premium rate calls and text numbers/subscriptions on a Zevvle SIM?

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They’re blocked by default as we don’t know what they cost ahead of time (also they’re a good target for fraud) :slight_smile:

Non-premium, non-geographic numbers (e.g. 0845) are also disabled at the moment, but we’ll get these working at some point (can scrape BT’s website for the call charges).

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Perfect, I’ve always asked for them to be blocked (especially after an ex somehow managed to rack up over £600 in mystery charges on her account via premium shortcodes and Vodafone wouldn’t do anything about it bar shrug their shoulders.)

At least I know this is one less thing for me to do when my SIM arrives. :slight_smile:

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ridiculous! Now my zevvle number is just useless.
I would block the number, except that the messages do NOT come from a number!!

Number-less SMSs are a bit tricky, but a workaround is to block the phrases in the message – you can do that from the Messages App > three dots on the top right > Settings > Block Messages (assuming you’re using Android).

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Ha, nice tip

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Does this include 03xx numbers? Those should be charged the same as normal mobiles and landlines, so presumably can be enabled?

03xx work as normal :slight_smile:

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03 numbers are not premium rate, they are non geographic numbers.

Yes, I realise, I asked since Nick said:


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I need to go back to bed, not the first thing I’ve misread today.