Why was the last thread closed? I’m curious about what other short codes are supported. I find them useful for checking balance and things like call waiting, voicemail, status etc especially if data is too slow to use the app.

Because it was turned into a wiki page I assume. People can go in and add extra codes to the OP, rather than having a stream of comments perhaps hundreds, or even thousands long, where people have to go through them all to find the information. By making it a wiki post there is one comment only, but it can be updated by all (usually above a certain discourse trust level), so it stays tidy, and easy to find what you need.

Notice the edit tab on the OP of that other thread.

Perhaps another page, this one maybe, could be used for general discussion about it if people see the need?


Just curious as to why you’d want shortcodes. It’s an antiquated way of doing things in addition to being insecure (you may want to give out a SIM without allowing them to change settings). The app doesn’t use much data at all and if you can’t get the app to run this means the network connection is so bad I doubt SMS will work either.

But for call forwarding, this is natively supported by the mobile network protocols and your phone should have a UI for that, most likely in settings (at least on iOS).

With the latest stats that have been released one of the spikes in the SMS messages was a day when a friend of mine could send and receive text messages however could not get the mobile data messaging working while they were traveling by train. So it seems SMS is more reliable than mobile data. Granted a very small sample size.


I agree but I gave two reasons.

I did a quick run through testing the Giffgaff short codes and some of them work with Zevvle. Unfortunately I’ve not had the time to document the ones that do.