Signup, SIM activation and notifications


The home stretch…

New things

Although hopefully useless to most of y’all, I’m lead to believe a critical part of a mobile network is being able to sign up!

One can now sign up from the web — I’m really happy with the progress, and I’m sure it’ll improve over time. This includes a new email verification flow as we’re no longer using magic links:

The link in the email will take you back to where you left off, wherever you were in the signup process. :hugs:

And you can also track the order status:


  • There’s now a notifications dropdown in the header showing the most recent ones.
  • You can now activate SIMs in-app from the SIM cards page (if you have any to activate, an orange dot will show in the side menu).


  • On the allowances page (accessible from the home page) is now a time-until-reset indicator (thanks @knuckles!). We’re going to update the allowance reset time to make the exact time clearer.
  • By default, accounts are no longer set to bill on the 1st of the month when signing up — it’ll instead be the day you activate.
  • The number of SIMs you can order when signing up is now limited to 1 (it’s likely we’ll add ways around this in the future).

These were the last major things before moving everyone across from our mobile apps, and we’ll finally get out of this beta next week! After I’ve finished some updates to the website… :soon:

Then on to bigger things. :sunglasses:

Have a great weekend!

- Nick


Not sure where to ask, so posting here.

I originally had three SIMs, but only activated two. Third SIM has shown up as activated on the (deprecated?) app. Is that correct?

Checking again, I’ve actually been charged an extra £2 per month since August for the third SIM, which has been sat in a drawer for many moons now, so not sure what has happened :joy:

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Have sent you a message to confirm and get the refund taken care of :blush:

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I’ve made a new account for my business, ordered via the web and every time I try sign in it says wrong password even though I’m getting it from my password manager, I reset the password and then it lets me sign in with the password straight away but the next time again it says wrong password, this has happened about 4 times now, different browsers and devices as well as at least once on another IP.

The SIM hasn’t arrived so I assume it’s some bug with not fully activated accounts, my personal in use account signs in fine.