SIM for abroad while keeping UK number

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I’ll be moving to Portugal for at least 1-2 years… and as such am looking for a decent, cheap UK network to keep my uk number live and deal with any sorts of uk services when required.
because i would have a local sim with data, the UK one doesent neec any data, only need to make/receive calls/sms.

would need two SIMs - for me and my wife.

have been eying this option:

few questions:

  • Can i port my current number to Zevvle?

  • Is there a limit of time to be abroad, where from a certain point I need to pay additional fees on the SIM (fair usage policy)?

  • On the PAYG, the amount paid monthly can be consumed? or the cost is separate and is billed in addition to the monthly cost?
    A bit confused as in the “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” section (Portugal) and “WHERE ARE YOU CALLING?” (United Kingdom), it states Calls and SMSs to be “Included”.

  • I read Wifi-calling is now available - if i use this rather than “normal network”, are calls/sms free?

  • Might receive biased answers… but is Zevvle a good option for what I need and not wanting to pay more than £5/month per SIM?

  • Last one - read the update on the Zevvle sale - will that have any impact on existing customers? Or would it be more of a branding transition?

Thank you all for your time in helping me clarify these question.

It’s doesn’t answer your question directly but as most carriers don’t allow long term roaming I thought this might be useful
I’ve used it a few times and it’s a pretty decent service IF Zevvle cannot do what you want


1, Yes (mobile numbers only as in not landlines.)

2, staff have previously said no limit.

3, the monthly payment you have selected gives you 1gb of shared data between you, and any minutes you use is 3p a min.
Included would be if you paid for unlimited minutes, it’s not so clear and the site should be updated.

4, not free, no UK networks offer free over WiFi.

5, It depends if you plan on calling back to the UK regularly not over WhatsApp etc?

6, the sale was months or years ago now, all it running ok so you can disregard.

All (that I have seen) providers let you roam indefinitely in the EU, it’s just how long you can use your low cost UK bundle all inclusive in the EU, and after that time you have to pay per minute even if you have minutes included already paid for in your bundle if that makes sense?

In this scenario if I wouldn’t need to call UK numbers personally would use Giffgaff, 25p a min but no monthly charges.

To call back to the UK periodically otherwise consider Skype call credits or something similar, then you and your wife could also share the account by both being logged in for outbound calls.

Is your phone dual physical SIM? 1 physical SIM + 1 esim?
Plan on having local and UK SIM with you at all times or are you going to be leaving it in a spare phone at home and check when required?

When I was abroad I would order a replacement SIM to someone in the UK they would put it in a phone and make some chargeable calls and then post it out, as some carriers get iffy about sims activated abroad.

Skype lets you spoof your mobile number when calling from the app, so you can call and it appears as your number, personally I would just use Skype and top-up the account with credit or bundles depending on your needs.

2.1p to UK landlines, 9.3p to mobiles plus 8p connection charge but I would only be using to call companies to tie stuff up and whatever else, friends and family would be over WhatsApp.

Then it’s 10p a text from your Giffgaff SIM if you had to send one for some reason.

Zevvle is great for the UK when you’re using data, not so much for you.

If you need local plus UK sim with you at all times then you have to consider who gives eSims if you don’t have a dual SIM but have an esim supporting phone.

Thank you for your answers!
In the mean time called Lebara and it might be the best for my specific situation… as there might be months i won’d do any calls.
apparently i only need to have above £5 and pay for the calls I make/receive. and also make a phone call, send an sms, or topup (any of these) once every three months for my number to be alive.
so theoretically… £5 every 3 months.

Hi @alvesricardo it does seem like you’ve found the solution for you in this case, thanks to everyone for giving such astute and thoughtful responses. Thanks @Kolok I’m looking to update the site in line with your good point.

As mentioned above, Zevvle doesn’t cap our roaming limits but the service is primarily designed for people who are travelling rather than living in the applicable area so may not have been suitable for you nor optimal in this case. However, we are always open minded so if you did reconsider Zevvle for your needs please do reach out to us and we would be happy to look into options for you, we may be able to put a solution in place for you.

I hope you enjoy being in Portugal, have a safe journey and if we don’t hear from you in the meantime please do think of Zevvle when you return :blush:

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