SMS notifications 💬


New things

SMS notifications are now liiive.:zap:

These will replace push notifications when the web app is live (for anyone with push notifications registered, they’ll continue receiving those instead for the time being). One added benefit for multi-SIM accounts is that we can send them to the SIM in question, as previously we had no idea which SIM card was installed in a phone.

And if you do have multiple SIMs, there’s a dropdown to select which one you’d like to receive account-level notifications on:

This is on a new settings page, accessible from your Profile in the header dropdown menu.

Notifications are a work-in-progress; I’m reminded of this flowchart from Slack:

We’re not quite there yet, but on the way. It’s a fine line between useful and annoying, and I’m trying to tread carefully.

We’ve also added the Flux receipts option to the settings page as well.


  • The usage chart is now scrollable on mobile (thanks @jcwacky!), and the tooltip stays visible after scrolling.
  • The x-axis is now back on the graph.

Have a great weekend :sunglasses:

- Nick