Specsavers spam

I get a varient of this text from Specsavers every few months.

Hi Liam. We’re open now for eye tests. Book yours online at specsv.rs/2Wxv9iM or call Specsavers on 01334 468580 To STOP, text Specs to 80800.

Are Specsavers allowed to send these things given that a) I never asked for them and b) their advertised method of unsubscribing is unusable by many (inc. Zevvle users)?

You should be able to contact them via another method e.g. by phoning or walking into a branch to stop them.

Yeah, looks like it’s a case of contacting a specific shop, which is a weird way to go about it.

At least you’ve got that option and it’s not some random company somewhere that doesn’t have an alternative contact method.

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