STIR/SHAKEN call authentication

Looks like there’s a new call authentication system coming in the US to show calls are genuine and help prevent spam calls. Does anyone know more about this such as if it’s likely to be launched in other territories like the UK?


Hopefully it’ll be coming here. If I get another bloody call for Patrick McSomething from India trying to help me with PPI claims I’m going to throttle someone.

Literally I’ve never asked for them to do this… one even tried selling me PPI stuff and I mentioned I wasn’t even 18 then

Then they started trying anyways, I was being so polite too, guy was too pushy

Sounds promising, if it can get steam… can’t say I’m hopeful though. Haven’t heard anything about the UK or Europe.

This has come up so much I’m starting to think we should do this sooner, basically bringing something similar to Should I Answer? in-app… catch is we’d do iOS first. :confused:


Luckily I haven’t come across the spam calls. I’ve ported my number in which may explain why. I’ve also registered my mobile number with the TPS some time ago.

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