Strange iOS app bug


I’m new to Zevvle and just started using it today.

I found an odd bug with the transaction view, wherein when the first two and three items came in they seemed to replace existing items, so say there’s three, it would add the fourth by replacing one of the existing three.

Force quitting the app seemed to solve it where all four were displayed.

It’s odd and I find it hard to reproduce as I need to message or call someone new every time, hah, maybe someone else here can confirm what I saw.

Also the bottom of the app seems to not retain the same colour after the buttons, resulting in this odd-looking whitespace…

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Thank you for reporting it! Haven’t seen this myself but will try to reproduce it and get it fixed.

:weary: that is odd-looking. Thanks again, will fix that too.


Just to add to this.

There’s definitely still some oddities on the menu. For example today I made a call, refreshed on the app and nothing appeared, if I force quit it and then open it, suddenly the call is there.

This was about an hour after the call was placed, so it isn’t coincidence that I might have refreshed before the call was in the feed either.

I’ll try deleting and reinstalling the app now and seeing if it makes any difference.

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