Summaries v0.1


If you open the app (you may need to force-close it first) and press that pie chart on the top-right of the feed, you should see something like this:

Consider this v0.1 of summaries, which aims to, among other things, answer the question “How much have I used this month?”, and I think this will be even more important with > 1 SIM card… coming really soon!

This is very much a work in progress, e.g. I think the doughnut chart is a tad ugly and there’s no way to see previous months (which is fine for the next ~3 weeks…).

Anyway – I wanted to get this out there before it’s totally polished, so let us know what you think, what’s missing, what you don’t like, etc. :smiley:

P.S. The ‘Today’ will possibly show slightly different data usage than the feed for today, as there’s a bug with timezones in the feed that I’ll fix soon. For anyone curious, the feed is generated on our server in UTC, and the summary is queried on-device in your current timezone, which is currently offset by -1 hour thanks to BST…

P.P.S. The voice & SMS include free and/or incoming ones, so the price won’t necessarily do it justice…


This is one of those features where you didn’t think you needed it but not that it’s here you wonder how you lived without it!

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The biggest downside for me so far is that it highlights just how expensive SMS messages (not just Zevvle, but across all operators).

The incoming calls being included makes sense when roaming outside the EU.

I wonder if it’s worth having an option to split incoming/download and outgoing/upload.

The “Cancel” on the top left would probably be better worded “Close”.

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Yes… :confused:

That’d be a great addition!

EDIT: on the data side, we don’t actually know what the upload/download split is, so it’d only be for calls…

I remember thinking exactly that; not sure why it didn’t make it… thank you for reminding me.


As both upload and download data are charged at the same rate, this is less of an issue. Some ISPs that have quotas charge only for the download with all upload being zero rated, hence more useful to have the split.

Maybe in the future when you no longer have the network enabler and have your own direct connection to the host network or have the network data going through your own proxy/infrastructure then it’s possible to provide more detail.

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