Sunday, December 1st (Usage prediction 📊)


As some of you noticed, we updated our app this morning with a fresh account tab and usage/spending prediction:

We’ll bring the rest of the app up-to-date as well, although it won’t be immediate. The prediction is currently for the whole account (multiple SIMs & users) which we’ll improve over time.

Regarding Touch/Fingerprint ID; we worked on it last week, but ran into some issues which, without spending a lot of time on it, we can’t get past anytime soon. Turns out there are some large neo-banks with insecure/unreliable app-locking… :grimacing:

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!



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Sent you a message. :slight_smile:

Liking the new “Spent this month” and “Predicted” spend that you can tap to view on the main screen. But it seems to revert back to data used/predicted on the next app launch. Any chance it could remember what it was last displaying? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there an APK for this release?

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This is now fixed. :slight_smile:

Done! :blush: (Remember to force-reopen the app to load the latest update.)

Not for this; it was an over-the-air update, so no app/play-store update needed.


Ooh, do tell!

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Some will get you to reconfirm if you change the set of fingerprints and prevent login using the fingerprint if you add an additional finger. If an app doesn’t do that check then probably less secure.

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I think invalidation is handled by the system biometric APIs, so if it didn’t get invalidated when they change they must be doing something really weird.