The price of data worldwide

(Nick Goodall) #1

Someone sent me this article from the Guardian; it’s a study from Cable on the price of mobile data around the world…

The range is amazing – the UK comes in at 136 (out of 230) with an average of £5.15/GB, miles behind India at the top with 20p/GB(!). The most expensive is Zimbabwe with a £57.77/GB average. (Using current exchange rates.)

As the study mentions, the price comes down to a lot of things – reliance on mobile networks, cost of infrastructure, economy wealth, average consumption… You can download the spreadsheet here.

(Simon) #2

That’s interesting. 20p a GB sounds great, depends on the speed though.
I’ve got pretty decent speeds on 4g in Thailand, better than my home fibre :woozy_face:
4g speeds quite rural area though.
Where my dad lives in wales doesn’t even have fibre :flushed:

(Nick Goodall) #3

As of April last year, India’s fastest network was ~45% slower (9.3 Mbps) than the global 4G average (16.9 Mbps), according to OpenSignal (ranked 88th worldwide), so, alright I guess…

This is too real – I had to use 4G at home for anything useful as the broadband was atrocious…

(Simon) #4

India is still well ahead of some parts of Wales :joy:.
Have been tempted to get a 4g router and a all you can eat data sim for home broadband

(Simeon) #5

That’s what I have just done. I’m surrounded by FTTP and FTTC but our street was excluded for reasons known only to Openreach.

I’ve just got the Three HomeFi which gives 25-35 Mbps down and 4-8Mbps up. Basically 10 times faster than the landline for half the price.

Too early to comment on long term reliability, though we once had the BT line off for 3 months!