The road to launch (and slightly beyond)

(Nick Goodall) #1

Sorry for the delay with this! In short…

  • SIMs are coming in ~6 weeks. We’re aiming to speed things up, but no guarantees.
  • We’ll publicise our pricing closer to the time. After all, we’ve got a lot of competition…
  • When we go live, we’ll host regular, low-key events in Birmingham, UK to hand out the first red envelopes. It’d be great to see you there, and drinks on us!

As it’s getting late, I’ll send the email of this tomorrow :slight_smile:


(Rosie) #2


But I’m not in Manchester or anywhere near … Can I get a launch SIM at all?


Any plan for coming to London? Asking for a friend. :grinning:

(Nick Goodall) #4

We’ll figure something out! Royal Mail can probably help :smiley:

Absolutely if we can fill up an event!

I had considered a delivery road-trip, but unsure how feasible that would be…

(Ben Talbot) #5

If possible pleaseee send me one through the post to Bristol :smiley:

(Nick Slade) #6

Also in Bristol and would love one!

(Neil) #7

How about if I send you an envelope with another envelope inside it which is paid and addressed to me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Barrett) #8

Exciting sounding stuff, down Brighton way so not able to get up there for the launch which is a shame but would love to find a way to be involved.

(Andre Borie) #9

IMO there should really be a way to get these by mail, at least for those who signed up so early.

(Nick Goodall) #10

Of course, there will be :slight_smile:

(Johnny) #11

With this I agree.