The Zevvle API is live

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

We’ve just opened up our API, meaning you can now access your account & call record data.

You can get started at and read the full documentation at

It’s currently read-only, meaning you can’t modify a SIM, etc., but that’ll change soon. We’re also going to add ‘webhooks’ for various events, whether it be a new call record or a SIM update.

A blog post explaining why:

Also, in case things get technical, we’ve added a developers category to the forum.



So from these small but awesome steps… How far is it in the future that someone could say for example create something that allows us to ask Google / Alexa my balance or for my charges for the day etc?

I’m in no way a developer and wonder how far the plans for the API could go and what today’s news means.

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Would be nice if @nick could look into top-ups and the like actually using Siri… Providing this is allowed with Apple’s guidelines

Also, perhaps maybe could consider iOS 13 automation?

For instance “when I get to work: tell me my balance”

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That’s 100% possible now, although not something we’d build ourselves – for someone who knows their way around Google / Alexa integrations, I think that’s ~an evening project. Having said that, we haven’t built it for 3rd parties, so authorising with an external service would have to be manual…


I’ve just finished my client and run through most of the end points with success :smiley:

Just spotted this in the docs under ‘List call records’:

“The type of record to retrieve – can be data , voice , sms or sms . Repeatable.”

I know it says repeatable but not sure if sms is deliberately repeated or if one should be mms? :hushed:

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Thank you! :sweat_smile: thought I caught all of them. The site is rebuilding now :slight_smile:

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Also just spotted that the expand[] parameter is missing from the documentation for this call but does work:

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Thank you, fixed! :slight_smile:

Very cool, looking forward to playing with this.

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   mnc@box:~$ curl -G | tidyjson
        "id": "$sim_card_id",
        "user_id": "$user_id",
        "msisdn": "+447XXXXXXXXX",
        "iccid": "Y",
        "emoji": "­ƒÜÇ",
        "status": "available",

status The status of the SIM; can be active , suspended or terminated


That should be showing correctly now!

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Have sent you a message :slight_smile:

As long as nobody copies in personal details that’s fine! :slight_smile:

What client are you using? Is it possibly updating 0 outputs? Here’s the response I get from

  "megabyte": 0.19531255,
  "gigabyte": 200,
  "sms": 3,
  "mms": 3,
  "voice": 3,
  "voicemail": 0,
  "incoming": 0,
  "description": "Pricing within the UK."
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Hah, you’re right again. I see empty actually means not available (or so it seems). Sorry!

Does “started dialling” mean “starting ringing” with reference to setup_at?

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That’s right, and the duration is counted from started_at, so 3 events in total – setup, connected (started_at) and disconnected. We don’t include the last as it felt repetitive.

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mnc@box:~$ curl -X BREW
invalid HTTP method

HTTP status codes not all working correctly?

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Will fix that one later :wink:

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Can we replace empty with a custom data type or null

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