Thoughts on call centres

(Nick Goodall) #1

Why is getting in touch with support so difficult? The gold-standard for messaging is WhatsApp (or Messenger, WeChat, etc.); anything less is old news…

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(Thierry) #2

I agree. In-app chats are always a really good way to stay in touch quickly and effectively with customers.
One condition though: that the Android/iOS App is a top notch app and works all the time :slight_smile:
If you look at the prehistoric networks app reviews, a lot of them say the app itself is inefficient and therefore creates even more frustration.

(Nick Goodall) #3

Amen to that! Some of them are unusable… :grimacing:

(Leon) #4

Maybe I’m old school but I don’t even mind email (for non urgent enquiries) with a 24 hour max turnaround time.

(Nick Goodall) #5

Oh me too :sunglasses: Email’s great (and we’ll use it), just not for sensitive info…