Thoughts on pricing

(Nick Goodall) #1

(Leon) #2

That’s a good thing but also not a good thing. I’ll explain.

If I’ve been with a company for a while I would like a gesture, (money off normally) to reward me for my customer loyalty. Keeping prices the same may seem fair but it’s really fairer for the new customer then it is to me.

Just some random thoughts…

(Nick Goodall) #3

Often it’s the new customers which get better pricing (intro offers, etc.), which isn’t great… Customer loyalty’s a great point, and I’m not sure what the answer is. As soon as you lower prices for anyone (including long-term customers), where does it stop?

That’s why I think pricing should stay consistent, but we’ll definitely do something for everyone who stays :slight_smile:

(Thierry) #4

I think it would be more manageable for your network to ADD things to faithful customers rather than lowering prices, as it may look unfair to others.

For instance, after a year, whatever plan you take, you get a 5GB bonus on your data plan, 2 years you get 7.5GB etc…

(Leon) #5

As Nick has said where does it end? It starts to became a race to the bottom and it’s the new customer that is paying the price, (pun intended) in the way of unfavourable tariffs and prices especially when compared to older customers.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe older customers should be prioritised over new customers as older customers have cost no money to retain. However it’s a delicate balancing act though as new customers want a reason to sign up with any service and one of the main things they look for is the price.

(Nick Goodall) #6

Yes, this is true! :pray: I do like @Jed.Dye’s idea of adding benefits to existing customers, like free data or something, as opposed to lowering prices :slight_smile:

(Leon) #7

It works out the same in my mind as whatever way you do it you will make a sub section of customers unhappy. I do think rewarding loyal customers is the way to go.

(Shaun McDonald) #8

I’m wondering if there’s a way with PAYG pricing where the more you use, the cost per GB goes down, thus the bulk purchasing still gives some benefit of a cheaper rate.

I’ve noticed a few operators giving customers more data after you’ve been with them for x length of time. A 1% saving in the cost per GB of data for each month you stay, capped at 2 years. If you stay for 24 months it’s a saving of 24%. Of course those figures are just example. Extra data rollover could be another.

(Nick Goodall) #9

There’s a lot of scope to do something with any/all of that! What it will look like I don’t know just yet – until we have some real usage data everything is guesswork…

(Nick Slade) #10

Is there any preliminary thoughts on pricing and what it might cost for this of us who will get simcards at the start of this year? :crossed_fingers:

(Nick Goodall) #11

We’ll publicise this closer to launch; we’ve got a lot of competition after all! It’ll be cheaper than your typical PAYG, though :slight_smile:

(Nick Slade) #12

My current contract with EE ends in June (and I can’t wait to get out of the whole 24month commitment) so I’m keen to get a look on being one of the first users of this if possible! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

(Nick Goodall) #13

Definitely! We’ll be up and running by then :pray:

(Simon) #14

I usually have sim only and get a decent deal.
However I would rather the best deal available to me was offered on contract end.
Rather than a) trying to sign me up for 24 months with a phone 6 months before the end of my sim only. (Vodafone can see I’ve been sim only with them for 8 years why would I change)
B) me having to basically request my pac code to obtain the best possible deal.
A company should look at their user and know what will make them commit to another year.
(Basing this on o2 and Vodafone as I’ve only ever had them, well except dot mobile but that is ancient history)

(Nick Goodall) #15

Sounds like misaligned incentives… :confused: Hadn’t heard of dot mobile! The Wikipedia entry says “… a tumultuous period in history (2006-2007).” What were they like?

(Simon) #16

Not too bad. Was aimed at students. Didn’t have any issues. Ran on the Vodafone network with simple pricing.
When they went bust I just moved over to Vodafone.
Long time ago that’s all I can remember