Thursday, August 15th

App version 1.1.0 is here!

Download it from the App Store or Google Play (the update may not have fully propagated yet), and you can also get the Android APK directly from here.

This includes:

  • Behind-the-scenes updates (good ones)…
  • 64-bit Android, as now required by Google. If you’re running a 64-bit CPU it should feel quicker, but your mileage may vary (we have a Galaxy S7 for testing).
  • Contact names(!):

To enable this, head to Settings > Contact names. In call record screens, we’ve also added a button in the top right to view/edit the contact. We do not store or share your contacts with anyone.

Happy Thursday! :blush:


After my amazing luck at getting the app the first time around, Apple and Google and being slow on the rollout this time!

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Google are being particularly slow in manually checking a new app from another company I’m waiting for right now. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been refreshing the Play Store at least once an hour all day. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:weary: it’s not showing on every device for us yet, but I didn’t want to wait in case it was our problem.

Contact names looking very nice!

I wonder if there’s an easy way to show numbers on my phone block list as spam.
Might try exporting to a contacts group or something

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Are these numbers you’ve blocked after receiving a call, thus the call still shows in the feed?

Yes! So, spam calls that I’ve answered, but then blocked on Android or using Should I answer?

The reason I would want them to show as blocked in Zevvle is that it would then be easier to see the legitimate numbers I might want to add to contacts. A takeaway I’ve called for the first time, etc

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The app became available some time between 6 and 8:30 this morning.

I really like the way the contract access is optional and only on the device.


This is totally possible, both iOS and Android have libraries for dealing with blocked numbers, but it’d be too much work for me to do at the moment – diving into native iOS/Android code isn’t my forté, and we use something called ‘React Native’. But at some point, yes!

As a workaround, we could do some sort of ‘tagging’ system for call records (or even call notes??)… maybe there’s a wider use-case as well.

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A nice to have, not must have, but would be a great feature down the line

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