Thursday, August 1st


  • Past month summaries! If you head to the summaries (Usage tab > pie chart in the top right) and tap the header title, you can see your previous months’ usage. You can press the month as well to see more detail:

(Not my real usage… :bar_chart:)

  • We’ve removed the option to change a SIM’s data (3G, 4G, etc.) in preparation for an update coming soon. This isn’t permanent, and you’ll like the update…

Remember to force-refresh the app to see these changes :slight_smile:


The usage by month graph is nice except it can’t show usage over time. It currently only shows the reflate usage within the month.

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Yes…, although the feed currently has that graph (at least for data), which doesn’t really make sense to duplicate. For viewing call/message usage over time and easier-accessed historical usage it makes sense.

This then opens another question… should the feed even have a graph?

I suppose there’s different purposes for the 2 graphs. The feed one is a 30 day window of daily usage, whilst the other is a monthly summary and shows a longer term trend. Both uses are perfectly valid and useful.

Could a pinch gesture be used to change the scale of the feed graph?

Visualising temporal data is hard. Dare I say it was part of my Computer Science dissertation. Having multiple graphs or ways of showing the data is usually important, as a single graph will rarely show everything in a useful way. Each graph will have a different story to tell.

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Ah, did you mean a graph for total monthly usage? That would be useful.

It definitely could, and that’s probably the way to go without cluttering with buttons… I remember working on it a while back but moved on to more pressing things…

Mind if I ask what else was in your dissertation? :slight_smile:

I have been thinking this could be useful one there’s more data and when the amount of each is different.

I have wondered if the main graph could be total cost rather than just data. Possibly using a stacked chart So many options…

My usage is very spiky, so as you zoom out, you get a summary at different levels, such as weekly and monthly.

Could 2 or 3 finger drag do a scroll along to see info from previous months.

It was the visualisation of temporal data in a version control system (CVS - yet that rather old system that’s virtually never used now), think analysis tab for project on Github or similar.


You’re right with the options… I’ve been noting some ideas, no specific plans yet. In Monzo’s app I like how the feed slides down, which I could be tempted to steal borrow for additional graphs perhaps.

Could almost do with a cost/usage toggle which could affect feed items, the graph and summary. @smsm1 is there a benefit for you to seeing a graph of both at once?

With 3 different usage types, multiple SIMs, users, etc. things pile up quick… :sweat_smile:

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If there was a desktop sized screen it could be possible to display both at the same time, however harder to make it clear on a small screen.

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