Thursday, August 22nd


You can now switch phone numbers in-app! This has been on our mind for a while, as doing it manually was asking for trouble. Previously I’d log onto our server, copy-paste the PAC, phone number, etc., request the switch, wait for a notification that it changed and then send you a message… :grimacing:

But now it’s automated, with notifications and all. To request a switch, tap on a SIM card in the account tab and then ‘Switch Number.’ And if you’ve switched previously, you can see the history there as well. It’ll look something like this:

The ‘Validated’ status is when Syniverse (the company responsible for porting numbers in the UK) has confirmed it, and then obviously ‘Completed’ when it’s switched.

We’ll send a push notification when it validates, but it normally happens within ~10-15 seconds so you won’t see that if you’re in the app. And when it completes we’ll send you another notification with an email fallback.




Very cool!!

Previous switchers may see this though :joy:

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Looking into that now!

You should see all the info now; let me know if you don’t! Thought I got all of them… :weary:


Wow, that was quick. Showing correctly now.

Probably more of a “worry” if you’d only just switched!

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Good work Nick :+1::+1::+1:

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It’s showing correctly here too, if it helps. :grin:


Very pretty, love it!

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