Thursday, October 22nd — SIM colours, login QR codes and fixes 🐛

Hello! Following on from yesterday

Shiny new things

SIM colours :art:

You can now change the colour of your SIM(s) to any of 9 pre-selected values on the SIM settings page.

These aren’t necessary final and it’s easy enough to add more or change them, but it’s a start!

Login QR codes

For anyone that has had to copy the link from their computer to phone, hopefully this will make it a little easier to login. We haven’t changed the login process itself — it’s nothing more than a QR code attached inline to the email taking you to the same web page, so you’ll still need a scanner on your phone (e.g. the default camera app on iOS):


  • Changed any £0.00 call costs from ‘Free’ to ‘Included’ on the call & data record screens.
  • Changed the cash balance icon to that of a certain cryptocurrency.

No longer broken

  • Fixed the sliding tray on the account screen; it should slide from and to the correct positions now (some phones we could only emulate and not test on the real device, so please let us know if it still looks off :pray:).
  • You can update the data icon in the feed again by tapping it.
  • The total price on the plan selection screen now includes your monthly top-up (if anything).
  • Fixed a crash on the pricing page in-app.
  • Fixed the position of Intercom chat overlay on some android devices.
  • Multiple users that don’t have a shared data SIM won’t show as an empty list on the change plan screen.

:arrow_right: Remember to reload the app for these changes.

We’ve started making notes of everything we change, including anything trivial, hence these are getting a little more detailed…

One thing we haven’t changed but feel like we need to is the month progress indicator on the main screen. It’s still not clear what it’s indicating, and as we’ve heard a few times since yesterday the page is getting a little crowded.

Coming next is improved notifications. :soon:


ZevCoin takeover!

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It looks really slick.

I can’t enable non graphic numbers on the Sim settings, I’m on the old price plan if that makes a difference?

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Sent you a message :slight_smile:

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