Top-ups and balance settings


You can now top-up (from the “Cash Balance” sub-menu under Billing), as well as modify monthly top-up and auto top-up settings.

This took a little longer than anticipated as we needed to update our implementation with Stripe (our payment provider), but it now includes the complete 3D Secure flow unlike the app. It also supports Apple, Google or Microsoft pay* (if available) along with your saved details:

Because we’re transitioning to Stripe’s own invoicing and receipts these payments won’t show up in the regular locations; they do exist and we’ll bring them into the light at a later date.

And if your balance is negative we’ve added an annoying banner which you can tap to top-up:

Finally, we fixed the search bar — it was redirecting to the results page instead of rendering inline.

Have a great weekend :blush:

- Nick

*I haven’t actually tested it with Google or Microsoft Pay, but they’re handled by Stripe and use the same setup as Apple Pay which works wonderfully. :sweat_smile:


I’ve just done a top-up using Google Pay. It seems to have worked. Also if note is that you end up with getting sent a different email to the one I have used for my Zevvle account. I also happened to use a different card to the normal one. Very smooth, nice to see more places supporting Apple and Google Pay.

I didn’t know Microsoft Pay was even a thing.

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Not sure I follow here @smsm1, could you elaborate?

My Google Pay account has a Gmail address, and on the confirmation screen says that the billing details will be shared with the merchant.

The email on my Zevvle account is from my domain.

I however don’t know know much detail Stripe provides in the transaction and the email from the transaction is something that you ignore and don’t look at (so far).

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Ah! Understood yes, we need to make the receipt-ing clearer there as well :slight_smile:

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