TPO in administration

(Rosie) #1


I just got a letter from TPO saying that they’ve gone into administration and to port number by the 26th!

I doubt Zevvle will be ready in time but I’m outta this contract!!

(Alex Barrett) #2

Given it’s history I can’t say I’m surprised.
Could be good news for Zevvle though if they can get visible enough to suck up some of those customers.

@nick anything the community here can do to help?

(Nick Goodall) #3

They certainly don’t give you long… unfortunately we won’t be live in time, though it looks like they’ve ‘partnered’ with SMARTY so you could get a month free.

Goes to show that a noble idea (10% to charity) doesn’t make up for bad service (from what I’ve heard/seen – not a customer myself).

:pray: thank you, Alex! Honestly, I don’t know at this point; maybe when we’re closer to launch… the fact that you’re asking means a lot :slight_smile:

(Rosie) #4

I’ll port my number over to the smarty SIM that came with the letter then port it again to Zevvle :slight_smile:

(Shaun McDonald) #5

I was with them for a very short period. Probably the shortest time I’ve ever been with a mobile operator due to their switch from EE to 3 going badly wrong. SMARTY is nice tariff, except it runs on 3, which based on past experience means battery drain due to stretched network coverage, and 3 based operators having very variable customer service.

(Johnny) #6

(Andre Borie) #7

Curious to know why they collapsed. Surely they should’ve been at least breaking even (why would you ever sell something at a loss?). Too much overheads?