TPO in administration


I just got a letter from TPO saying that they’ve gone into administration and to port number by the 26th!

I doubt Zevvle will be ready in time but I’m outta this contract!!


Given it’s history I can’t say I’m surprised.
Could be good news for Zevvle though if they can get visible enough to suck up some of those customers.

@nick anything the community here can do to help?


They certainly don’t give you long… unfortunately we won’t be live in time, though it looks like they’ve ‘partnered’ with SMARTY so you could get a month free.

Goes to show that a noble idea (10% to charity) doesn’t make up for bad service (from what I’ve heard/seen – not a customer myself).

:pray: thank you, Alex! Honestly, I don’t know at this point; maybe when we’re closer to launch… the fact that you’re asking means a lot :slight_smile:

I’ll port my number over to the smarty SIM that came with the letter then port it again to Zevvle :slight_smile:


I was with them for a very short period. Probably the shortest time I’ve ever been with a mobile operator due to their switch from EE to 3 going badly wrong. SMARTY is nice tariff, except it runs on 3, which based on past experience means battery drain due to stretched network coverage, and 3 based operators having very variable customer service.

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Curious to know why they collapsed. Surely they should’ve been at least breaking even (why would you ever sell something at a loss?). Too much overheads?

Having been looking around at various news articles and the Wikipedia.

On 20 January 2014, TPO announced that Jimmy Wales had joined the organisation on a £250,000 annual salary[15] as co-chair of the board, and had “taken a strategic stake in the business.”

If as a startup they were paying that kind of salary for a few years, is it any wonder they weren’t able to make a profit. I suspect they were trying to grow too fast, and then the migration from EE to 3 which failed spectacularly (I was personally affected), it really didn’t help them at all with trying to retain customers.