Tuesday, July 14th — app version 1.2.1 (fixes!)


We’ve just released version 1.2.1 of the app with a bunch of fixes: iOS, Play Store or F-Droid (version 1.2.0 may still be cached on the app stores).


  • Added an adaptive icon for Android.
  • Fixed the invisible buttons in the chat.
  • Fixed the overlapping buttons on the welcome & sign up screens for some Android devices (we’ve tested it on as many phones as we can, so if this bug is still showing for you let us know :pray:).
  • Made number switching clearer on the home/account screen.
  • Added a message to say if a referral code has been applied during signup.
  • Fixed some title overlaps for Androids with notches.
  • A few more less-exciting-but-still-important behind-the-scenes fixes…

I said we’d have dark mode done last month… it’s taking longer than planned. Stay tuned.

Thank you for the high ratings, y’all! :grin:



The overlaps with back, home etc button seems to be fixed.

I’ve noticed several crashes by going to the usage tab and scrolling(dragging) up. Very reliable to reproduce. I had lived out and back in to test that the overlap issue with the login was fixed.

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+1 to scrolling usage crash (iOS)

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Seems to be affecting both Android and iOS then.

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Thank you :pray: will fix this today.


Fixed! Sorry about that. :slight_smile:


Confirm it’s fixed. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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Still seems to a slight but non problematic overlap on my pixel 3 XL
(this may also be due to the android 11 beta, so perhaps not Zevvle’s code at fault)

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I think that’s as it should be and isn’t overlapping anything as such. From an older phone:

Yeah that does look correct, I think the semi transparent background threw me off. For context on every other app the background is either black or matching the adjacent UI element.

We’ll update the colours to match; thank you! :blush: