Tuesday, July 16th


  • Added a running balance to the usage screen. This works per-day, and will show the ending balance for the day you’ve scrolled to (stand by if you’ve got multiple SIMs; this isn’t complete).
  • You can now copy phone numbers from call logs in the feed and under SIM card settings.
  • Fixed the incoming voicemail feed item – it used to show as 2 records (1 incoming call and 1 call to voicemail); it’s now just 1 missed call that went to voicemail.
  • Corrected the timezones! You may have noticed call logs were an hour off in BST; they should now show correctly whichever timezone you’re in. (The summary might be slightly off; an update is coming to that soon.)
  • Changed the voicemail icon.

Remember to force re-open the app to see the latest changes.