Tuesday, June 4th


If these changes aren’t showing, close the app completely and restart it.

  • A few design tweaks, including a less childish-looking graph for data usage… IMG_6752

  • A more sensible chat/help button that shows the conversation list instead of creating a new message.

  • A link to referrals on the Settings screen (Account Tab > Settings): IMG_6751

  • A note on the auto top-up screen (Account > Settings > Auto Top-up) that it’s limited to once per day.

  • Fixed some number types on the call details screen (voicemail, toll free). There’s a lot more we can do in this area, like showing who called you for a start, so watch this space.


  • We’ve changed the referral link scheme, from zevvle.com?rid=123456 to zevvle.com/signup?rid=123456. This is reflected in the app as well. The /signup page is a little bare, but we’ll improve it over time.

We’ll keep it coming* :slight_smile:

*If there are times without updates, it’s probably because we’re making invisible improvements (e.g., updates to our servers or internal tools).