Two weeks after launch

Here’s a brief update post launch, though many of you lived it with us!

Have great weekend,



I think it is fair to say that it is everything you promised. Control of a SIM by app that is unprecedented in my (limited) experience. Transparency is also as promised and the CS responded within miniutes.

However, price is everything and the Zevvle experience is expensive. I cannot justify keeping a SIM just to see what happens (unlike a bank account), when there is a £5 monthly subscription. So, is there any hope of minutes being included in the subscription anytime soon?

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We are updating our pricing end of June. Not quite like you’re suggesting, but I think you will like the change.

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before we could even see the app in the App Store someone had downloaded it.


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One of my smoothest PAC transfers, not hard to do better compared to my worst exoerience. All good so far, excellent customer service. Very quick responses.

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