Use quota predictions to warn if running out is likely

Since the Zevvle backend makes predictions for how much data it thinks I’ll use over the remainder of the month, it could be good if the app could warn me if the general trend of my data usage so far suggests I’ll run out of data by the end of the month, allowing me to either adjust my behaviour, or proactively enable add ons.

Yes, agreed! Planning to do something along these lines when we improve notifications (

Something we need to figure out is the timing — when do you want to receive the notification(s)? How much notice would you like?

One idea somebody mentioned was “At your current rate, you’ll run out of data in 3 hours.” We could of course send several…

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Awesome! Perhaps only send notifications on this after 50% of the allowance is used, but from then, as soon as predictions suggest that I’m likely to run out?

Perhaps re: your suggestion that you could send several, maybe it would make sense to send additional notifications whenever there seems to be a noticeable uptick in bandwidth usage (well, ‘data used over a short time period’), limited to once or twice a day.

(Speaking of notifications, is there any chance you’d be able to add a webhook for app notifications, and just push the same stuff you do to Expo? I have some plans for my Windows Phone…)

I see it as a function of how fast I’m going through the data, and how far I am through the month. My usage is quite spikey (more so with the lockdowns and more working from home) which will make the predictions harder.

Yes I can see the need for multiple notifications.

I’m not keen on basic notification of you’re X% through your allowance with no regard to whether I’ll likely run out. e.g. I’ve got 10% data left on the final day of the month and not using much, I don’t want a notification as I’m unlikely to run out. However if I’m using lots of data on that day (e.g. tethering on the train) and I’m about to run out, then I do want to be notified.

It’s one of the reasons I’d like a progress bar of how far through the month I am alongside the amount of data that I’ve used. Granted this assumes I’m using the same amount of data each day of the month, which I very much don’t, but it gives a good idea of the likelihood to run out. Including some marker for the weekends would also be useful, as that affects my usage too.


Agreed, I wouldn’t really care about a generic ‘you have this much data left’ notification, only if I’ve already eaten a lot of it, but the train scenario you mentioned is a perfect example of what I was thinking too :slight_smile:


Yess this is a good point; no need to send a notification if you’re not going to run out. We’ll address these when we tackle this in the next week or 2. Agreed the “You’ve used 80%” are kind of useless… :grimacing:

Yes, can do that! I’ll wait in anticipation… :eyes:

In the midst of some quite big layout/navigation improvements so will include something along those lines.

Thank you both for the feedback :pray: