Web Data Usage reporting 10 times higher

Hi Nick,

I think there’s an issue with Data Usage on the web app, it seems to be multiplying usage by 10?!


iOS App


Hi Dan — thank you for pointing this out! The total on the web includes add-on usage, which we haven’t figured out how to show cleanly yet (given that add-ons don’t expire). The mobile app is incorrect in the other direction — the current usage is right, but the total includes the already-used add-on data.

Is there any particular way you’d like to see the breakdown?

It’s on our list of things to fix :slight_smile:

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Thinking about this, we may just exclude the add-ons from the calculation altogether. At least that’s a nicer surprise, and we’ll make sure the interface is clear about what happens if you run out.

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For the month view I’d like to see the actual usage for the month. I suppose it’s a bit of a balance to show that I’ve used all of the monthly bundle and some of the extra usage bundle in some way. Having the actual usage along with the bundles available I can then make a decision towards the end of the month as to whether I need to go down or up a bundle.


If we can’t think of a better way, I think the way the current iOS app does it is probably better than the web version. I get what you’re trying to achieve but I think it’ll just confuse people (as it did me).

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Don’t laugh at my maad design skillz, but here’s an idea :smile:


I love that you did this :sweat_smile:

Thinking of something similar, to have a breakdown of usages exactly like you’ve drawn!!


I think this keeps it simple. A note that says your data plan is used first until exhausted would then serve as explanation.


Also need to consider the add on bonus data such as from referrals.


In theory, since addon bonuses are non-expiring just like bought add-ons, they can just be added to the addon progress bar, and there will be a transaction log that just says “bonus data +x GB” logged on the date you earned the bonus.

I thought the bonus data reoccurred each month and was used before the paid add ons.

I have only ever earned the Detective bonus, which was simply a one-time gift of 1GB. That was simply a 1GB addon that had an infinite expiry date, but it wasn’t refreshed once it was exhausted.

either you or I are misunderstanding how the bonuses work. I can’t claim to know how it works well based on my limited experience.

That’s right, the federal bonuses are recurring

Do you mean referral?

I didn’t realise that it was a one time add on. I’m using so little data at the moment I’m barely touching the normal monthly 1GB bundle, this hasn’t seen any of it get used yet. I wonder if the past month or two is have been cheaper on the older PAYG data pricing.

I’m not sure how I could have so badly typed the word referral for it to autocorrect to federal! :joy:

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There are 3 types of data, currently:

  • The main bundle (1, 3, 10 GB, etc.) paid for at the start of a billing cycle. This resets every month.
  • Referral data (1 GB per month for everyone that’s joined thanks to you). These also reset every month.
  • Add-ons (1 or 3 GB), paid for at any time and don’t expire. The detective Easter egg is technically one of these as well; we might create a new type in the future…

We use them in that order of priority as well (main bundle -> referral data -> add-ons).

Hope that clears it up :slight_smile:


Yes, much clearer now. Thanks.