Wednesday, December 4th (More prediction & primary SIMs 🔑)

Hello, happy Wednesday!

A few things today, and sorry about the late one…

Feed prediction

Firstly, we’ve added prediction to the feed graph:

I’ll be honest, it’s not overly scientific, so don’t lean too much on this. Predicting day-by-day is harder than a whole month, and the account tab prediction will be more accurate (for now…).

Primary SIMs

For anyone with multiple SIMs, if you’ve gone abroad you may have received multiple “Welcome to …” notifications. We use the call record location to determine country, and given two SIMs, A and B, something like this happened:

  • You go abroad with SIM A and get a welcome notification.
  • SIM B uses some data and resets your location to the UK.
  • SIM A uses some data and you get another notification.
  • Repeat…


For now we’ve added primary SIMs, denoted by the key:


You can change the primary under each SIM’s settings, and that’s the one we’ll send notifications for when you’re abroad. You won’t see the option unless you have 2 or more SIMs.

Eventually we’ll know which SIM is installed in the phone, but we can’t do that on iOS as we don’t yet have “Apple Privileges.”

The Zevvletter(?)

Finally, we’re getting serious about a regular, monthly newsletter – it’s been slightly hit-and-miss until now, but we need to up our game.

And previously whenever someone logged in for the first time, we’d add them to the newsletter; i.e. you had to opt-out. I know, I know – that’s bad, and I’m sorry. We’ve now changed that, so anyone new has to opt-in (we’ll add a form on our website as well). You can change your preference under “Settings” in-app from the account tab.

Nick :rocket:


Is the “primary SIM” per account or per app instance? The latter would be great; so that each device only gets notifications related to its own SIM.


Oh yes, that’s a neat way to get around the issue.

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:see_no_evil: we’ll do that!