What is Data Sharing ? Zevvie?

Hi, Sorry but this question has obviously been asked many times, but unfortunately being a very old **** I cannot seem to locate it. Since 02 mast has been upgraded none of us on 02 or piggybacking on it are able to make calls. This is affecting all my neighbours in the village where I live… Unfortunately there are not enough people complaining they cannot use their mobiles to make/receive calls, so no-one is listening to us. My only other option in the village for a provider is to move to EE and this is where out of the blue I found Zevvie. I have never heard of the name and very curious.

It sounds to be run on similar lines to my present Giffgaff, but I’m not certain.

What is Data sharing etc please? My husband needs to change his provider too as both on Giffgaff. He very rarely uses his phone. My phone is the one we rely on mostly for calls / data.

If someone would kindly point me to a link or explain what Zevvie is about I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks Marion

Zevvle is similar to Giffgaff except it runs on the EE network instead of O2. You’ve also got this currently quiet community to help you. I was the first person to port their number over to Zevvle, and I’m still here.

The data sharing means you buy one data allowance which can cover multiple SIMs in the family. This can be useful for example if you don’t want to have separate data allowances for each SIM. It can be useful for example if you have multiple members in a family or both a phone and an iPad that you want data access on. Using this data sharing can work out cheaper or simpler to manage as it’s all in a single account compared to separate contracts for each person. Each SIM continues to have its own number as normal.

https://zevvle.com has some of the key points. I’ll summarise the key things that makes Zevvle different for me.

  • Primarily data sharing across SIMs (there’s a few other operators that allow it)
  • You can flex up and down the amount of data you need each month with no cost penalty, it’s just the next month’s bundle costs
  • You can also buy extra data at the end of each month if you run out as required
  • Choice of PAYG or unlimited calls and texts
  • If you’re a programmer/data person, you can access an API and get info on all of your details and call/text/data history
  • You can add additional SIMs for other devices or family members and share the same data allowance. There’s a charge per SIM, total cost can be less than other providers by having all the SIMs on the same account.

The tipping point for PAYG vs unlimited at £4 difference in sim cost at 3p per minute or test is about 133 minutes or texts. With most things being VoIP now, I rarely get near that, even when I was moving house I might have tipped over, but not worthwhile switching for the odd month here and there.

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