What would make you say "FINALLY"?


Inspired by a recent tweet…

So, Which new Zevvle improvements would, if shipped, make you say “FINALLY”?

Anything is game, although there are things outside of our control (e.g. WiFi calling, VoLTE, 5G, eSIMs…). Product development and prioritisation is an art, and most of the time it feels like I’m trying to paint with crayons in my mouth…

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Being able to let the other person in my Zevvle account log in to the web app and manage their own SIM :slight_smile:


More control from the API, to be able to turn sims on and off and block charges or just data, that would bring really endless integration possibilities.

Not sure if you have this level of control, but maybe some kind of custom network filtering and/or reporting , good for kids and compliance.

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Something in the pricing whereby if I discover I’ll be traveling near the end of the month and I don’t get burned so much for needing to increase the data for the month. Equally if I don’t use all the data the following month I’m burned in the opposite way where I pay more than I need. This is something I rather liked about the older PAYG pricing - not needing to plan ahead with the bundle I was on.


Multiple numbers! :wink:

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  1. Unlimited data as an option. Zevvle’s got me feeling a bit left out having just 30 GB now that unlimited data has become more mainstream. EE, Vodaphone & O2 didn’t do unlimited data pre-pandemic, it was only Three to my knowledge, but now it seems like everywhere is unlimited. I found myself spending quite a lot on extra data with Zevvle when my house didn’t have internet for a month and it stung in a way it shouldn’t’ve.

  2. E-SIM support for those with cellular Apple watches or other devices where this’d be useful.

Edit: Just realised that my #1 also refers to the same issue that @smsm1 had. Where they had extra charges while travelling, I ended up spending almost £50 in extra charges because it took months for my internet to be installed after moving house. I had to buy a new plan with a different phone company during that time.


Call bundle across SIMs?


I suspect unlimited data is going to be the next differentiating factor between big carriers and MVNOs as everything else has now been commoditized. I’d say it’s very unlikely they’ll let MVNOs offer this at anywhere near a competitive price.


for me as a perpetual traveller, i want my primary number, zevvle, on my esim so i can pop travel sims in as i change countries, travel esims are not so easy to use yet.

even better if i can tie my apple watch to it AND still use it abroad…

and i’d probably die with happiness if i could have a sensible data roaming while abroad

(voda aus do a au$5 a day use your home data thang, but only for 90 days and it’s still easy to beat using local sims, i’m currently on an unlimited tariff in thailand, 10Mb/s for 30 days for about 20 quid)