Zevvle in the media

I thought I’d make this thread where people can post about Zevvle in the media

1st off;



I was wondering whether to post this, but I’m glad you have! Thank you. :blush:

My favourite comment on that post so far: “Stupid network – trying to be like Smarty but got it wrong?”


They claim to work for Plusnet in another comment so they just hatin’

Did ispreview contact you or the other way around?


The other way around!

Looks like you have upset Plusnet :smiley:

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LOL at the guy using 400+ GB/month with Virgin Media. With these monkeys you’re more likely to get 400GBs of “PDP connection failure” and hold music than actual data. Hopefully they’ve cleaned up their act since then (although the upcoming migration to Vodafone is likely to bring more fun) but a couple of years ago it was an absolute disaster. Worst was that their community managers were advising SIM swaps and trying on different phones despite 11 pages of complaints from various customers in different areas.

Seems like they disallow the Google Bot or outright delete threads from their community as I can’t find it anymore. :roll_eyes:


Some of the commenters only think of their own extra high data usage rather than acknowledging that others have rather lower data usage. They are also comparing the extra special deals that they have managed to get rather than the more commonly available tariffs.