Zevvle prices and data allowances

hello, when will the prices for zevvle go down?
The only thing thats stopping me joining zevvle is the high prices and low data allowances (No offence)

Fair question, but it’s like asking how long is a piece of string? or more appropriately when will the world go back to normal before 2020-pocolypse? :woman_shrugging:

IMO I’m confident if they could go down right now, they would.

The most practical advice I think you will be given is

Keep your eyes on https://zevvle.com/pricing any changes will be there first.

Apart from that, come and join the good side, it’s fun :slight_smile:


The more people who join Zevvle the quicker the economies of scale will materialise and the faster prices will likely come down.


I would like to join zevvle, but the issue is that why would I go to an EE MVNO which is limited to 60Mbps and is more expensive then the host network themselves? For example: 60GB on zevvle (limited to 60Mbps) is £35 where as on EE PAYG I can get (unrestricted speed) and 60GB data for £30.

It’s true why would you?

I like the api prospects personally, the statistics in the app, being able to put people on hold a d call forwarding, the last I checked werent available on payg i may be wrong though.

But, you have a very valid point, lets change the angle of the conversation a little.

How did you find Zevvle?

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On the subject of call features, I found you can do group calls of up to 5 other people on Zevvle, something you can’t do at all on EE, to my knowledge.

In terms of comparing it to the host network, it seems Zevvle has quite the leg up on actual call features. Maybe not as much on data, but they definitely nail the calls. I do wish this was all documented though, as it would likely bring more people on knowing that everything just works call wise.


Beyond the group calls, is there anything else you’re referring to?

I used to be on zevvle when it was PAYG data, but I found a better deal elsewhere.
I would love to join zevvle, but its very expensive compared to other providers.
I’m guessing this is something to do with the wholesale pricing.

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Just would be nice to have all of the call things in one place written.

The group calling working up to 5 (?) people, though that might be a limitation of iPhone, I don’t know.

Call forwarding, and how that doesn’t incur an extra charge, which I found out by reading on this forum.

Wether these features are expected to work internationally, etc. There’s enough here for quite a nice FAQ entry I imagine. :grin:


Agreed :sweat_smile:


I don’t think (just a customer here, and I agree with you - Zevvle is just a SIM to play with - I have contract lines with Vodafone and O2) that it’s reasonable to compare prepaid MVNO pricing to MNO pricing.

Even with sub-brands owned by networks they’re more expensive. For example, see how much more expensive GiffGaff (owned by O2) is than O2. Similar story with VOXI by Vodafone and Smarty by 3 (though they’re not as bad as GiffGaff in terms of charging more, VOXI is probably the best of the bunch - but Vodafone itself is still cheaper).

Now, take that business model and have the disadvantage of having to pay the owner of the network itself? Of course it’ll cost more… you’re paying for the flexibility and convenience of just a SIM you can play with, cancel whenever, whatever, no obligations.