Zevvle Rewards

Helloo, happy Friday!

As hinted at previously, today we’re releasing Zevvle rewards — for every person you refer, you’ll both get 1 GB per month as long as you’re both members.

You’ll need one of our new data plans to take part, and any data you earn will be available from the 1st of June and reset monthly (like normal allowances). We’re back-dating this for previous referrals as well.


(If the GB earned doesn’t match the previous share count in-app, that’s because we’ve enforced the requirement that the person you refer order a SIM — we should’ve done this before, that’s my mistake.)

On the renamed rewards tab, we’ve also extended the ‘Contacted from Zevvle’ to include everyone, not just fellow Zevvlers. You can tap on any listed contacts to see stats of your history.

Finally, there’s an easter egg in-app; the first person to find it and send us a screenshot gets my referral and 1 GB per month for life. :grin:

Have a great weekend,


EDIT: these rewards won’t be available for the 60 GB plan; I’ve updated the blog post as well.

EDIT 2: Someone has found the easter egg. :blush:


What was the easter egg then? I was hoping it would be drawing a Zorro Z ten times somewhere in one of the menus.

(One thing to be careful of is how you take away the data if a referral leaves. That could leave people in the lurch if they were relying on it).

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Dammit, already!


A couple of hidden options in a scrolling menu… we’re testing the waters here and want to do more. We’ll make some of them hard, too. :smiling_imp:

100% — it never happens immediately and will be re-evaluated at the start of each month. That should give someone enough time to adjust…


Nothing, we’re just putting them in the backseat as they’re a little useless right now. Data is tangible, and we hope you find it useful.

Glad about this to be honest. Can’t say I was personally interested in getting shares or knew anyone that would’ve been enticed by it.


Hiya newbie here!

Just a quick question or two, I’ve already purchased a sim card but I’m not sure if it was a referral sim, I used a link but had problems with it, is there any way to check?

Also if I was receiving the free data and changed back to payg would I lose the data completely or retain it again if I went back to a bundle?



Hi Paul! Thank you for joining the forum :blush:

Have sent you a message about that.

The latter — it’ll always be there as long as you’re on a bundle.


Ah, will check my messages shortly. Thank you.

I’m not sure if this is the right place for suggestions but was thinking about the £2 payg charge, would it be an idea if this was removed after a certain spend, say if zero usage then £2 charge but if more than £2 (or another amount) then that charge would be waived?


That’s the whole point of the tiered data.

Sorry I meant the £2 payg charge to keep the sim card active

Yes, we can only do the tiered data because of the monthly charge — instead of a higher data cost, we introduced a kind of ‘line rental’ if you will.

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Just went to refer someone, but can’t find the section on the app anymore (it’s been a little while).

Am I being dense, or has it gone?

Neither! Behind the sliding tray on the account tap, either tap the heart icon or ‘Add Data’ (which has a link at the bottom to the relevant screen). Sorry that was confusing. :confused:

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The plot thickens. This just isn’t there for me, as far as I can see.

I’m on version 1.2.2

Could it be because I’m on a legacy plan?


Ah! Yes, yes it is. I’ll DM your referral code :slight_smile:

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