103 days later

Hello :slight_smile:

As mentioned, here’s an update on Zevvle with a few statistics, 103 days in:

I’d like to continue these at regular intervals (3, 6-monthly?), so let us know what you do/don’t like about this one. And remember, we’re only just getting started, so don’t be fooled by the numbers! :nerd_face:

Also, excuse the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks – we’ve been out of the country for family, and keeping everything going while on the road is harder than we thought. But now we’re back on it, looking forward to what’s ahead!



Thanks for the update. Was interesting to look at the aggregated stats. Personally I haven’t sent a single text :joy:

Did you see any change in growth rate since the latest price change?

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How many people do you have working on CS? Is it just you two?

An average of 1.13 GB of data is much lower than I thought (even though the average age of an activated SIM probably is only a few weeks).

Actually, given your total activations and compound WoW growth, it should be possible to calculate the average account age, right?

Am also a sucker for data visualisations like this so please do keep them coming…

(as another aside, when did first public SIMs get activated? I thought it was in August - does that mean the usage on the charts before that is just you and Tim?)


Signup opened on 31st May and the first SIMs were sent out on the following Monday if I recall correctly.

Fantastic work @nick, it’s been a fantastic ride so far and I still can’t wait to go #fullzevvle when my main contract expires!


Yep, so with each price change it spiked – only the average is 12%; some weeks it’s been 2%, other’s over 30%. It’ll stabilise over time, but spikes have a big effect at the moment. With these numbers there’s not much to read into, but thought it’d be nice to share. :slight_smile:

And we haven’t attempted to optimise anything yet (referrals, website, etc.), so there’s a lot of room for improvement…

It’s just us 2!

Woo! :tada:


Good news. I so wish Zevvle the best


Well done. :smiley:

I think updates every 3 months then after 1st year of being live jump to 6 months. :smiley:


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I’m surprised the data use is so low. Presumably the old pricing was keeping that down.

Plus some people (me at least) switched, because the pricing is great for very low usage

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Thanks for providing the stats, they are rather interesting.

There’s some of my busier days in the early days where I used around a half (only one occasion I’ve spotted) or quarter of the total data that everyone used, which is fairly easy when tethering.

The text messages have a spike caused by me too.

The past month or so seems to have my usage a bit more lost in the noise as the number of sims/accounts has increased, and my usage has been relatively low. That’s a good thing, and hopefully over time as more people switch to Zevvle the stats will become have fewer spikes, or where they do exist it’s due to a general pattern or big event.

I’d be interested to know if there’s much difference between days of the week, e.g. do weekdays have more usage than weekends?

In a similar way that banks publish the current account switching stats, is there a similar release of data for mobile number PAC switching?


A percentage of users who port would be interesting!


Good q, these are the daily averages since launch (in gigabytes):

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1.43 1.55 1.16 1.07 0.89 1.35 1.06

1.21 weekday average, 1.22 weekend average.

And just in September:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
2.40 2.27 2.34 3.24 1.02 1.50 1.97

2.26 weekday average, 1.81* weekend average, so 20% lower this month.

Looking at some other stats, it’s cool that more data has been used so far in September than all of July. “Well duh, that’s how growth works,” but it still makes me smile. :sweat_smile:

*1.81 ≠ (1.50 + 1.97) / 2; the mean of a whole set ≠ the mean of the means of subsets…

For us, it’s exactly 50% at the moment!


Interesting stats. On the all time not sure if it’s a coincidence that Friday has the lowest data usage, which also happens to be the day I’m least likely to commute to work, i.e. work from home day. At the weekend I’m also more likely to be out and away from WiFi coverage on a Saturday than a Sunday.

Due to paternity leave I’ve not commuted yet when I tend to have higher data usage due to tethering. Did have a bit more due to up and down to the hospital however no where near as high as a commute.

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I originally turned data off on my iPhone because I’d no idea how much data I actually used coming from an unlimited plan with 3 so my usage was very low. Nw that I’m more comfortable with Zevvle I’m turning it back on and just keeping an eye on spending.