A rather short-ish update

(Nick Goodall) #1

Hello! :slight_smile:

Quick update on Zevvle before a longer post next week… On Monday we signed the final contract with our supplier, i.e. we’re locked in. It took a little longer than planned, but we’re well on our way!

As for the first SIM cards, we’re pushing for late February, but March is looking more likely. There’s a lot to do before then, like integrating with their APIs and testing. A few announcements en route, too… :thinking:

More soon :rocket:


(Liam) #2

Looking forward to finding everything out (though not sure why, I have no use for you!)

Are you allowed to tell us your supplier, or will it be revealed only in the forthcoming longer post?

(Ben Talbot) #3

I too am looking forward to more info but have no real use planned. yet

(Rosie) #5

I’m hyped!

I’m postponing leaving TPO until Zevvle is ready for me!

(Nick Goodall) #6

It’ll probably be closer to launch in a press release from them, but I’ll double check :slight_smile:

:wink: multiple SIMs/account and a developer API shortly after launch will hopefully lead to some interesting things…


Will the ‘first SIM cards’ be a full public opening or a phased roll out type of thing?

(Nick Goodall) #8

It’ll be more phased – there’re a few things we need to get right :slight_smile: That, and managing SIM stock…

(Nick Slade) #9

Is the longer post being emailed to us?

(Nick Goodall) #10

Yes, sorry for the delay with this (meant to post it yesterday) – I’ll have it up tonight and then email it as well :slight_smile:

(Shaun McDonald) #11

Excellent, looking forward to reading the update.

(Johnny) #12

Nick, I know that things often go beyond original estimates. What sort of progress are you seeing and are your confident of March? TIA

(Nick Goodall) #13

We’ve set a hard deadline for March, so I’ll be damned if we don’t make it!* We’re currently finalising our supplier integration, after which we can test everything.

My only (slight) doubt is the SIM cards; order -> delivery is ~2 weeks, and we’ve yet to put in the order (currently waiting for design proofs from the printer). I’m hoping this will be done by early next week at the latest…

I’ll write another update in in the next few days. :slight_smile:

*Barring anything outside our control (natural disaster, strike, etc.)…

Update on our timeline
(Alex Barrett) #14

I’m due to order a new SIM for a new starter in the next 14 days, fingers crossed Zevvle will be looking like an option by then :smiley:

(Nick Goodall) #15

We’re still waiting on the design proofs for our SIMs; 14 days is unlikely… I’ll write the update when we have something concrete to share. I’m as eager as anyone; it can’t happen soon enough! :sweat_smile: